Prayer meeting

Prayer Meeting

We have a brief prayer meeting at 10am on a Sunday morning before our Sunday celebration meeting. Everyone is welcome to come together to pray, to praise and to thank God. We also meet on the last Wednesday evening of each month to pray together as a church. Please contact us for the venue, dates, and time.

Why Pray Together?

Corporate prayer such as this is something that was demonstrated in the early church. In Acts 2, we see that the disciples met together to devote themselves to teaching, the breaking of bread, fellowship and prayer. We also believe that when Christians come together in prayer, there is an opportunity for the Holy Spirit to empower them for the mission Jesus has commissioned to the church.

Who’s Invited?

Everyone is welcome to attend!

What Happens?

Our prayer meetings are very informal, with no set structure. We pray, sing spontaneous worship songs, and use the time to hear from God.