What to Expect

If you’ve never been to church before, or you’re used to a different ‘flavour’ of church, you might be wondering what to expect when you arrive at CTL on a Sunday morning. Here’s some common questions – and our answers.

What happens at CTL on a Sunday morning?

Our service starts at 10:30, with a welcome, followed by a couple of worship songs. People tend to stand and sing – but feel free to sit if you’re more comfortable that way. We don’t have any hymn books – the words to the songs are displayed on a large screen behind the worship team.

After the short worship section, someone will preach a Bible-based message, usually within a series, for about half an hour. Then, we worship until 12 noon. During this extended time of worship, people are encouraged to bring words or pictures or verses that they feel the Holy Spirit is prompting them to share.

After the service, light refreshments are available – this is the perfect opportunity to get to know people and find out more about what life as part as CTL is like. Leaders are also available for prayer and support in the main hall during this time.

Will I be forced to do anything?

Absolutely not! And there won’t be a spotlight on you as a first time visitor, either. People will welcome you, but the level of your participation is totally up to you!

What is the worship like?

CTL believes that worship isn’t just singing songs about God but also singing  to God, so we’re passionate about our worship. We sing contemporary praise-based worship sings, from the likes of Matt Redman, Tim Hughes, Ben Cantelon, and Hillsong.

Since we’re passionate about worshiping God, you’ll see people expressing this in different ways – from closing their eyes to lifting their hands; from kneeling in contemplation to dancing. These expressions are always spontaneous and never forced.

What should I wear?

Whatever you like. We really don’t mind – and we certainly don’t insist on ‘Sunday Best’. Most people tend to dress casually.

What about my children?

Children 5 and up can be signed in from 10:15, and they need to be collected and signed out again at 12:15. The under 5s can be signed in before the service and collected and signed out at the end – although we may need to ask you to come out of the service if needs be.