Giving to CTL

If you would like to give into Christ the Light Church, our banking details are below:

Account Name: Christ the Light Church

Sort Code: 40-52-40

Account Number: 00031256

Bank: CAF Bank

Other Ways to Give

Stewardship is a way of giving into CTL that enables us to receive Gift Aid on your giving without the administration involved. A Stewardship giving account is a secure and easy way to organise your giving online. It only takes a few minutes to set up and allows you to credit your account and request donations to charitable causes in just a few simple steps. When you use your Stewardship giving account, Stewardship will automatically claim Gift Aid on your donation, adding 25p to every £1 you give.

Important note: You should pay enough tax for any one tax year to cover the amount reclaimed by Stewardship, and any other charity, on your giving. Relevant tax is any income tax (at whatever rate) or capital gains tax. If you cease to be a taxpayer, or have not paid enough tax for any year, you should notify Stewardship immediately. If too much tax is recovered on your giving you will be liable to refund HM Revenue & Customs.

Your gifts should be based on the tax paid by you personally, not that paid by another person (e.g. husband or wife).

Find out more by visiting the Stewardship website.