Condensing Hot Water Boiler

Condensing Hot Water Boiler


Pre-mix combustion

The technology mixes the fuel and air ahead of time and sends them together into the burner. The flame is not diffused but attached to the burning stick. The technology is a stable and energy-saving combustion mode. High efficiency

Low pollution

Benefiting from the efficiency of the boiler plays to its limit, this boiler has a comprehensive function of pollution solution. That leads a substantial reduction in emissions of harmful substances such as NOx.

Easy operation

We develop different controller system for each piece of our steam boiler and we make this effort to ensure the boiler is easy to operate and control. For safety, we make safe door and various devices to detect.

Core technology

Frequency conversion water supply

According to the actual operating conditions of the boiler, the water quantity and the water supply time can be adjusted in real time to ensure that the water feeds into the boiler is enough and the water level is accurate.

Big size corrugated furnace

Our engineers make an important decision. That is to make bigger furnace. This brings more enough burning and the better way to save fuel. Besides, according to data, we found this can reduce harm to the boiler body.

PLC Full-Intelligent Control System

Fully self-developed PLC system is easy to operate. To better serve global clients, we make the system full English language interface. Simple and humanized is our design philosophy when dealing with our boiler.

Condensing Hot Water Boiler