Electric Heated Steam Boiler

Electric Heated Steam Boiler


High Quality Steam

Whether a steam boiler runs well or not, stable steam output must be a standard. We design this boiler with a big steam space and this helps the boiler could produce stable pressure and stable quantity steam in unit time.

Strict Fire Safety Standards

Electricity safety is most important factor which users most concern. We have set up a five-fold safety guarantee for electricity consumption, fully ensuring the safety of users, other production equipment and boiler operation.

Long Service Life

The heating element we adopt is provided by international famous brand. These components are of good quality and durable. In addition, we have made waterproof treatment for important parts of the boiler, to ensure that water will not corrode after contact with water for a long time.

Scale Alarm Function

This is our patented technology. Once the scale content of the heating surface exceeds the limit, the alarm will automatically call out. For safety, we make safe door and various devices to detect.

Core Technology

Frequency Conversion Water Supply

According to the actual operating conditions of the boiler, the water quantity and the water supply time can be adjusted in real time to ensure that the water feeds into the boiler is enough and the water level is accurate.

PLC Full-Intelligent Control System

Fully self-developed PLC system is easy to operate. To better serve global clients, we make the system full English language interface. Simple and humanized is our design philosophy when dealing with our boiler.

Electric Heated Steam Boiler