Integrated Condensing Hot Water Boiler

Integrated Condensing Hot Water Boiler



Each unit is tested and inspected and registered with the National Board of Boiler and Pressure Vessel Inspectors.


This kind of boiler is designed for optimum gas-fired efficiency and has proven in certified tests to meet, and often exceed, the efficiency of four-pass and three pass boilers.


China integrated Fire Tube Boiler utilizes state of the art computer design techniques in every boiler. This accounts for accurate calculations of construction materials and optimum utilization of the boiler's performance criteria.


China uses name brand burner components with proven reliability. Every unit is boiler/burner compatible and tested at the factory prior to shipment.

Core Technology

Intelligent Control System

China intelligent automatic control system is researched and developed by China R & D Team. The boiler operates fully automatically, regulating the water level and temperature, protecting itself, turning on and turning off regularly.

PLC Full-Intelligent Control System

Fully self-developed PLC system is easy to operate. To better serve global clients, we make the system full English language interface. Simple and humanized is our design philosophy when dealing with our boiler.

Integrated Condensing Hot Water Boiler