Water Tube Steam Boiler

Water Tube Steam Boiler

The burner is fixed on the front wall, and after the fuel is sprayed out through the burner, it is burned in the furnace (first return) with a slight positive pressure, and the generated high-temperature flue gas radiates heat, and then turns 180° to the left side after the furnace to enter the first The convective tube bundle of the two return strokes flows into the horizontal superheater before the furnace, turns 180° to the left side in front of the furnace, enters the convection tube bundle of the economizer (third return stroke), then passes through the economizer to fully exchange heat, and finally enters through the flue. The chimney is discharged into the atmosphere.


Low nitrogen environmental protection

The well-known brand burner and reasonable furnace structure are selected to make the combustion full and the smoke emission components meet the environmental protection indicators of the first-class regions of the country, and the noise is lower than the national standard;

Energy efficient

Boiler flue gas and working fluid adopt reverse flow arrangement, the average temperature and pressure are large, the heat transfer is good, the furnace volume is selected reasonably, and the fuel is fully burned. The thermal insulation material is made of aluminum silicate felt and ultra-fine glass wool, and the total thickness is about 200mm. The insulation layer is an air interlayer. This insulation insulation minimizes the heat loss of the boiler, greatly improves the thermal efficiency, saves fuel, and has low operating cost.

Safe and reliable

The boiler uses micro-positive pressure combustion, and the furnace wall tube is a full-membrane wall structure. It has a certain pressure bearing capacity, and it will not leak or leak when operating under micro-positive pressure;

Easy to operate

The boiler is a self-contained boiler, which can shorten the installation period while meeting the transportation size requirements. At the same time, the aluminum outer casing and the skeleton are bolted, which is convenient to disassemble and is convenient for maintenance;

Core Technology

Water Mounted Wall

We have a complete set of domestic advanced water production line, which is fully automated. Only inputting the drawing information, the equipment will automatically process the water mounted wall.

Big Size Corrugated Furnace

Our engineers developed the furnace bigger after thousand of experiments, which brings more efficient burning and the better way to save fuel. Besides, according to R & D data, we find that it can reduce harm to the boiler body.

PLC Full-Intelligent Control System

Fully self-developed PLC system is easy to operate. To better serve global users, we make the system full English language interface. Simple and humanized operation system is our design philosophy when dealing with our boiler.

Water Tube Steam Boiler