What is going on in York

We happily partner with other Christian organisations in the city of York wherever and whenever possible, and appropriate. Please find below a list of dynamic organisations that we encourage you to find out more about, and if possible, support in your prayers and giving:

Family Matters York – https://fmy.org.uk 

One Voice York – http://onevoiceyork.org.uk 

Restore York – http://restoreyork.co.uk

Street Angels – http://www.streetangelsyork.com

The Besom in York – http://thebesominyork.co.uk/

York Christian Youth Holidays – https://ycyh.org.uk

YoYo – http://www.yoyotrust.org.uk

Besom in York – https://besominyork.wordpress.com/2018/05/18/making-connections/